My passion for animals started at a young age. Since I was a child, I felt an insatiable need to care for all animals, big or small, and was always bringing home animals of all sorts. These early choices led me to work in a cat sanctuary that not only re-homed healthy cats and kittens, but provided a space for the aging, ill and disabled cats.


After working with cats, I felt ready to adopt the first love of my life who just happened to be a dog! Once Penny came into my life, my love of dogs just couldn't be stopped. I adopted another dog from the streets of Tijuana 2 years after the first and then felt I had to do more but didn't have the time, space or resources to own another animal so I began to foster dogs from local shelters. Caring for pets happens to run in the family since my step-mom is a dog walker for Happy Tails out of Santa Cruz, CA. It really inspired me to go out and do what I am passionate about.


I have been taking dogs out on fun-filled adventures since 2011. There aren't many days when I say "I've got a case of the Mondays" or "I don't want to work today!" because I have so much fun, learn new things, breath in fresh air, and enjoy nature every day. I studied horticulture at Merritt College for fun so hiking at a different regional park every day is a joy in many ways and I am well-versed in mushroom identification so can quickly identify a problem species during the rainy season.


For your dogs safety, I am bonded and insured through Pet Sitters International.

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